Dead Dog Summer

So the story goes that In Vinyl We Trust found 55 deadstock copies of the Policy of 3 “Dead Dog Summer” l.p. while buying up Old Glory Record’s old stock.  I wish I knew the actual details of how this happened because I find it kinda cool.  Anyways, the result is that In Vinyl we trust has re-issued this l.p. with a new cover utilizing what they found including copies of the original booklets.


Nice looking screen print on the dust jacket.

photo 2

Here is the back cover with label info and song titles with an actual photo of the band.  Very innovative!

photo 3

Number 50/55.  Lot’s of detailing on this back cover.

photo 2-1

Black vinyl from 1993. Very awesome.

photo 3-1

I just also happen to have a copy of the original 1993 version.  Very cool in a different manner.

photo 4-1

Here is the back side with label info and song titles.

photo 5-1

20 years in the making.  Still an amazing album!

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