Red makes the difference!

Insted was one of the first hardcore bands that I really got into a long time ago.  In fact, “We’ll Make the Difference” was one of the first records I set out to get.  I really wanted one on red and was lucky enough to get one from the now defunct Vinyl Ink.


I’d say it’s in pretty good shape since I’ve had it for over twenty years.  This is the second pressing with yellow lettering on the cover.  Red vinyl was limited to 300 copies.


Years later I was able to get this.  First Pressing with yellow lettering, on the cover, 300 copies pressed on yellow vinyl.

photo copy

Now we have this copy which I received in the mail today.  This is the second copy I’ve seen with a first pressing cover with the red vinyl.  At first I thought it was a mistake by a seller on Ebay when I first saw it.  Days later a different seller had another one.  I decided to snatch it up due to the low buy it now price.  Maybe Nemesis had extra copies of both the covers and the red vinyl and just combined the two.  If anyone knows the answer I’m curious to know what it is.


What they will say is… 
“Just another unity song”. 
The more, the better. 
To us they are wrong.
You and me – We’ll make the difference!

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