Do you know who you are?

One of my favorite Revelation bands just happens to be Texas is the Reason.  So when a copy of “Do you know who you are?” on red came up on the bay, I was all over it.  This is a third pressing of 327.  Before this copy I had only ever owned copies on black, which I’ve burned out from playing.  The only other copy of this that was pressed on color was the second press on white of which there are only 92 in existence.  The white one will be my next quest.

photo 1

photo 2

Sometimes the simplest designs become the most memorable.

photo 4

photo 3

Revelation Records Number 51.

photo 5

This coming February 15th I will be lucky to see Texas is the Reason one last time.  They are going to be playing the Black Cat Club located in DC with Title Fight.  This is going to be one hell of a show since I haven’t seen Texas is the Reason in over ten years.  Hopefully this show will be as special as the first time I saw them.

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4 Responses to Do you know who you are?

  1. steven toth says:

    I never new they pressed it on red… I have one of the white editions that I am thinking about selling on ebay… keep an eye out lol 🙂

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