Rev 25

I really need to start catching up to all my posts as they are starting to become dated, but life gets in the way you know.  Anyway, I finally got around to acquiring every Revelation record 25th anniversary release.  There were a total of eight releases:  two for California, two for New York and four for Chicago.


These were the California releases.  The pressing info is 306 gold and 745 blue.  The gold one for some reason was the hardest for me to get.


I love the fact that they used two-tone labels with the star background.


Here are the New York compilations.  Pressing info is 445 green and 770 clear.  Once again Rev used the two-tone labels with the star background.  Love it!


While New York and California releases were both compilations, Chicago’s was a bit more special in my opinion.  Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Into Another and Texas is the Reason were graced with represses of their respective seven inches.  I wonder why they didn’t do this for New York?


All were done in clear vinyl with silver labels with that awesome star background.  There were apparently 400 of these sets available.


B-side of all the Chicago seven inches noting Rev 25.


The 25th Anniversary Collection!

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