Gotta get more Give!

Awesome mail day as I received some vinyl that I have been eagerly awaiting.  Three Give records have found its way into my collection.  I was pretty happy to grab these as Give records are becoming harder and harder to get.  Try searching for Give under records on eBay.  You’ll just get a headache.  I’ve also been searching some of the boards, but people just want a lot more than I can offer.  So, this first one is from Youngblood Records.

photo 1

This is “Flower Head” on clear.  Apparently these were out of 120.  (The guy I got this from was pretty sure about the pressing.  If it’s wrong please let me know)

photo 2

Next we have “I am love” on red from Triple B Records.  There were 300 of these pressed.  I can’t stop listening to this seven inch.

photo 3

This last one in from React! Records.  There were 100 of these rejected press copies on pink with the alternate covers.  I got pretty lucky on this one as I have never seen this before.

Definitely some pretty sweet pick ups.  I just wish I could have more access to a lot of their records.  Gotta be on the lookout!!!

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