Forensic scene

Clearly the guys at Magic Bullet Records know how to impress.  Just check out their catalog.  Not only are the bands amazing but the records themselves are usually a works of art.  One such example is this Forensics 7″ I recently picked up.

photo 1

The plastic sleeve actually replaces a record jacket and the Forensics logo is actually a clear sticker.

photo 4

The same process was used on the back cover with song titles and lyrics.  I love the out of the box thinking that was used on this.

The next couple of pictures show the insert.  This time an acetate type material was used .  There is no paper or cardboard found in this thing.  Pretty cool as this should make the entire thing easier to maintain and keep in the near mint condition that I received it in.  This is also where the record is housed.

photo 2

photo 3

Front and back of the acetate insert.  I love the fact that they were so meticulous with screening process.

photo 5

The record itself is on red vinyl with plain white labels.  This one is 35 out of 100.  Finger print on the label is another cool detail.  This is definitely one of the more unique records that I have acquired.


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