Anger Means

I am thankful for the fact that I started to listen to punk and hardcore early in my life.  In fact, I think I got my first mix tape from a friend over twenty-five years ago.  I consider myself lucky because if I didn’t get involved with punk/hardcore as early as I did I probably would not have discovered Ignition.  These guys were the complete opposite of the youth crew stuff  that I was really into back then.  In fact when I first started listening to them I just could not get into them.  Many years later I’m glad I gave them a chance because they are one of the most incredible bands that has ever existed.

This seven-inch contains my favorite Ignition song “Anger Means” so there was no doubt that I needed to have it.

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

The art work in this record is simply amazing.  I remember at one point in my life I wanted to get the Ignition symbol on my arm.  This is the tour edition on gold out of 500 copies.  Classic!!!

photo 1

Life in a land ruled by a fascist democracy
Raised and schooled under the flag of hypocrisy
Lowered and fooled to accept complacency
Tempered and cooled and temperance hardens me

I may be blind in my actions
And have no control of my rage
And suffer from heated moments
But this result was not unforeseen
I know what my anger means

Emptied and reloaded
By man machine made rules and lies
Fitted and harnessed
With form fit alibis
Beaten and devoured
By the hate in love’s disguise
Forcefed but unfulfilled by a life
Where no one tries

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