Four Walls on White

Having grown up in VA, I can tell you right off the bat that 4 Walls Falling was one of the greatest hardcore bands in the 90s.  The songs on their seven inches as well as the “Culture Shock” l.p. have made it onto many many mix tapes that I’ve created for myself as well as others.  I was also lucky enough to see them many times in DC as well as Richmond.  Good times.  Anyway, the only copy I’ve ever owned of the “Culture Shock” l.p. has always been Jade Tree Number One on black vinyl.  I’ve owned it and lost it many times through moving or long-lost friends “borrowing” my copy and never bringing it back.

Once again “Culture Shock” has made its way into my collection.  This copy, however, is the licensed Day After Records copy on white.  This released in 2003 as a re-issue celebrating Day After Records’ 10th Anniversary.  By this time this album had long been out of print for 10 years.  It’s crazy that I’ve been listening to this record for over twenty years.  Hopefully, others are still listening to this important and influential record just like I am.


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