Promises Kept

Champion’s “Promises Kept” is arguably one of the best hardcore albums to have ever been released.  I listened to it non-stop when it first came out.  So when Bridge 9 released those Warehouse editions a few years back I eagerly snatched one up.

photo 1

photo 3

The copy I received was #131/205 and it came with the black vinyl release of the album, which is the second press.  I didn’t really think anything of it as Bridge 9 stated at the time that they made up some covers for the vinyl that they had left over.  Now years later I see that there were actually different variation of how this was bundled.

photo 5

I got this version a couple of weeks ago from eBay.  This was the “final show” pressing limited to 400 and sold in May of 2006 during the bands last show.  During the show however it was sold with the normal “Promises Kept” jacket.  So it’s kinda cool that I got one of these colors with a variant cover #111/205.  This version also has a “final show” stamp and show date on the dust cover which I think is really cool.

photo 4

photo 2

If any one can help me out with other versions I would really appreciate it.  Also, if anyone knows how they decided on what colors they used with the numbering it would satisfy my curiosity.

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