No Mob Justice for me…

Well that’s not entirely true as I finally received my copies of Rival Mob’s “Mob Justice” earlier this week.  I’m just bothered by the fact that I couldn’t get a copy in sea foam green.  There were 400 of those suckers made and a few of them are on the bay right now ranging from $65 to$100.  Did you all really buy the album just to flip them?  I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a new record.  To the lucky ones that got one I salute you.

Now, I remember the day that Rev put the pre-orders up.  I was at work and by the time I had heard that orders were going on it was just too late for me to grab one.  I was able to, however, get a hold of the other pressings as a consolation.  I even decided to grab a hold of the red second press.


The record itself is a good listen.  I you are at all into Rival Mob you should get a copy asap.  I’m just bitter because the pic would have looked a whole lot better with a bit of green vinyl smack right dab in the middle of it.

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