Back in purple

Headfirst was a band that was I really into during my high school days and the “Back in Control” 7″ was on constant rotation on my walkman during those days.  “Stand” was definitely one of my favorite songs during those days. It was awesome back then and to this day it’s still awesome.

The first copy I ever owned was on clear.  I grabbed it from Smash in DC when it first came out.  It’s still a part of my collection to this day.  Anyway, I picked up a copy on purple a few days ago.  It was a definite bargain at $6 so I couldn’t pass it up. I was really stoked when I got it.  Now I just have to be on the lookout for a red one to complete the colored set.


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4 Responses to Back in purple

  1. mcs says:

    Seriously, there’s a red one? Are you sure?

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