A few random pick ups

I opened up some mail today and got three random piece of vinyl that I purchased for one reason or another.  I really need to stop getting random stuff and just concentrate on big-ticket items that I really want.  Where’s the fun in that though right?

Anyways, the first is “Finally we are Nowhere” by Solea.  If you’re a Texas is the Reason fan you should definitely give them a try since the band is fronted by Garret Klahn.  This was released in 2008 by Arctic Rodeo recordings on white vinyl and hand numbered on the jacket (and the cd it came with out of 192).  Pretty nice little package if I do say so myself.

photo 1

Next is a red copy of that awesome Citizen’s Arrest album “Colossus”.  I’ve had a copy of this on black since it first came out.  It has been through the ringer from all the times it has spent on my turntable.  I’m glad that I was able to get a colored copy as a back up.

photo 2

Finally, I found I received a kelly green copy of Rival Schools newer album “Found”.  I previously wrote about this album here.  I got this through Music and Merchandise which is a UK-based outfit.  It’s alway nice when you get a full set a release.

photo 3

Not a bad set of pick ups.  Hopefully I’ll be picking up some more worth while stuff to write about. Record Store Day is this weekend and if I can get out of work early enough I should be getting a couple of pieces that I’ve been wanting to pick up lately.

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