No remorse for slime green vinyl

So, I’m about eight months too late in acquiring this record. Well, I did have a few excuses. For one, there was only a hundred of these suckers made in the slime green vinyl. Secondly, Quality Control Records sold out immediately and they wouldn’t listen to my reasoning about how they needed to make one appear out of thin air for me. Third, No Tolerance collectors are actually hoarders and they stash all their loot in secret compartments that could never be opened by mortal men.

I had pretty much given up hope on this thing until last week. It decided to make a brief appearance on eBay and I decided to take a stab at taking this thing down. Luckily my offer was taken by the seller and I was able to bring the beast to its knees. Anyway…

Pretty awesome looking record if I do say so myself. Now, I’m not the biggest No Tolerance collector in the world. It’s actually pretty hard to get the entire collection as the seven inches are still really being sought after. Maybe one day I’ll be able to grab the whole set but for today I’ll just say I’m content with being able to get this.


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4 Responses to No remorse for slime green vinyl

  1. mcs says:

    Good score. I was pretty lucky with this. I was at the show they were selling them at. I bought one extra for a friend, but looking back part of me thinks I should have bought about ten. Would have been great to trade with people in the States!

  2. gus says:

    gustolerance for no tolerance collectors, they are the worst….

  3. Damn that is sweet man, I’m hella jealous. I love the green slime vinyl, looks amazing

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