No Apology for Losin’ It

It seems like I should’ve written about this release sometime in January when I first ordered it after learning about it on the Across Your Face blog.  Now procrastination sometimes happens but this was ridiculous.  I just kept putting it off for some unknown reason.  So, the main reason for me posting this now was I just listened to the album again and decided I should get my ass in gear and get this posted.

Well back in January I ordered the three lp bundle set as this was the only way for me to get the most limited color.  Thankfully I did that as the set as a whole looks amazing.

photo 1

The most limited color from what I’ve read was the marble pink.  Well this is where it gets kinda confusing for me and others as well.  As you see this is numbered out of fifty, while on the Life to Live website it is said that the most limited color was out of a hundred, while the blue is out of 225 and the regular pink is out of 175.  The total pressing for this was supposed to total 500.  Anyone know what happened to the other fifty?  Were there other colors in that pre-order bundle?  Oh well I guess we’ll never know.

photo 2

Now, the second reason for me posting today was Dan from LTL was cool enough to let me procure a test press of the album.  Mine is numbered 9 out of 25. This was doubly cool as the test itself is colored rather than the usual black.

photo 3

photo 4


Now that this set is complete I’m hoping I’ll be able to complete the other Life to Live releases that I have.  LTL for Life!!!

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2 Responses to No Apology for Losin’ It

  1. Hey Chris! Thanks for the shout out bro!!! Man, I am super jealous that you scored the test press. I think I’ll hit up Dan and see if I can beg for a copy 🙂

    • chrisvilla says:

      Thanks for checking out the blog. Yours is definitely awesome! As for tests I definitely know he still has one for the 7″ since I didn’t offer him anything for it yet. Maybe you can go grab it.

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