Songs in a Transit Wind

So the day after RSD this year Vinyl Noize had this little contest about what everyone got for RSD and to make a comment about what we wished we got.  I bitched about how I was at work that day and I commented about what a debacle it was.  Well I was one of the contest winners.  I picked to get a copy of Elliott’s “Songs in a Transit Wind”, which is a collection of several out of print seven inches.  There were 300 black 180g pressed for pre-order through Simba and a clear version, of which I don’t know how man were pressed, available only at stores.  Clear vinyl definitely looks amazing when done right. So thank you Vinyl Noize for adding this to my collection.

photo 1

A couple of weeks later I saw a test press version of this on eBay.  The price was pretty low so I decided to make a play for it.  Well once again I lucked out.  I’m pretty happy about this as apparently there were only four tests made.

The same screened cover was used for the test which is unmarked otherwise.  Thankfully they added this as bonus.

photo 2

Pretty stoked about having these.  Now the only issue I have is whether to get the black copy or not…Nerd problems, right?

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One Response to Songs in a Transit Wind

  1. mcs says:

    Clearly you have no choice but to chase a black vinyl copy now!

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