Scum on the Run

First impression of this album is it’s really red.  Not even joking as it’s kind of bothering me that it’s really fucking red.  Even their bandcamp is red! Oh well, everything is done on purpose though and I guess since this 7″ is meant to make your ears bleed the red is quite appropriate.  There are 600 of these sucker pressed so if UK meets 80s style Boston is your cup o’ tea definitely grab one.  It definitely is a punch in the face.

Apparently Tom from Violent Reaction/Sectarian Violence is also a member of The Flex.  Dude is just an over achiever in my opinion.  How many more bands can you impress us with?  Anyway, I think I just need to give this a couple of more listens to really get into this.

It’s just really fucking red!!!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3



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