True Head

When I hear this album Youngblood Records does not come to mind.  In fact you might have heard of this DC based label that I’m thinking of…Dischord duh!!!?  When I listen to this album I want to listen to Fugazi, Ignition, Hoover and many others.  Not that True Head sounds like any of the aforementioned bands, but the feeling the music evokes is what reminds me of these bands.  Does this album belong on Youngblood?  Fuck yeah!!!  An amazing label bringing you another amazing band.

photo 1

photo 4

Just like other DC area greats, this was recorded at Inner Ear Studios.

photo 2

I was lucky enough to order the three album bundle with all the colors.  The pink really matches well with the album cover.

photo 3

Hopefully, we hear more from this band.  This album just makes me crave more!!!


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