Blindness and Lies

As I mentioned previously, I feel like I’ve been listening to a whole slew of UK bands lately.  Well, I just can’t help it as there is an enormous amount of awesomeness coming from across the pond.  Stab is another one of those bands that puts their own twist into 80s style hardcore and does it well.

photo 1

photo 2

Not only does it sound great but the layout is also done quite well.  This one just happens to emulate the 2nd press Violent reaction 7″ with the fold out style cover.   I guess you can’t expect anything other than greatness from Quality Control HQ as they have been putting out bangers with their past couple of releases.

photo 3

This copy is on red out of 200, which is exclusive to their online shop and to the band’s live performance.  I definitely got lucky on this one as Quality Control HQ releases are known to sell out quickly!

photo 4
This is definitely a band worth checkin out!!!

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