The Wrong Way

As I was reading the Across your Face blog, I was actually wondering when my pre-order for the new Rotting Out was going to arrive.  This was supposed to come out a while ago but, as with other labels, there was a manufacturing issue that caused the delay of the release.  Thankfully, 6131 kept us in the loop about these things but it still bums me out that labels are increasingly failing to keep up with their own release dates.   What sucks even more is that 90% of the time the labels are not actually at fault.  Hopefully, this won’t become a larger issue and labels are working with plants to actually get us product on time.

Anyway, I finally received my copies today and you can see I was not able to get a copy of the grey and black. Oh well! I always seem to be at work when pre-orders happen. Whatever. I still think the copies I got were cool. The blue out of 1000 looks amazing so I really don’t mind that I don’t have the rarest one. I’ll hunt it down eventually but right now I’m satisfied with what I’ve got.

The album sounds great and is definitely worth the listen. Will it be on the top ten for the year? Who knows…there’s a lot more awesomeness that’s suppose to come out this year.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

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One Response to The Wrong Way

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I missed out cuz of work too. But as I suspected, the blue vinyl looks incredible. Now I gotta pick one up!

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