Born to Die in Suburbia

I’m finally getting around to posting about the new Night Birds album.  It’s awesome and you shouldn’t expect anything less from these rockers.  Anyway, I was actually lucky enough to get in on the Grave Mistake Records pre-order for the silk screened cover.  The day this went online the Grave Mistake website took a few tumbles and it took me close to half an hour just getting on to the site.  Like I said I was lucky to get one as it sold out immediately.

  photo 1

Mine was 49/420. This is actually just a fold away addition to the album and not an actual jacket. Actual jacket is the regular cover where the vinyl was housed.

photo 4

Grave Mistake also threw in a few extra goodies with the package. Nice promo poster and sticker only a nerd could love.

photo 3

These dudes are going to be doing an east coast and midwest tour soon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch them as I missed their last couple of shows in VA.

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