Dumb Numbers

So I’m finally getting around to posting about this. Fact of the matter is that sometimes I would rather just listen to the stuff I get for a while before I post about it.

Such is the case with Dumb Numbers. I guess some would call this band a super group since it sports members of Dinosaur Jr, Best Coast, the Melvins and others. I figure I like Lou Barlow anyway so why not? This album actually has more of a Melvins feel than Sebadoh, which is cool if you like feedback fueled guitar sludge.

Anyway, this copy is the purple marble limited to 500 hand numbered copies. Mine happens to be 25 which I think is a pretty cool number to get. There is also an electric blue one that looks really nice but I haven’t had the funds to grab it from Joyful Noise Recordings.




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One Response to Dumb Numbers

  1. 45spin says:

    Love the colored vinyl.

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