I’ve been listening to the “Not Ashamed” 7″ by Clearsight for the past couple of weeks and it’s definitely another win for the React! label.  I’ve just been buying a ton of stuff from them these past few months and I can only anticipate that I’ll be buying more.  Anyway, this is youth crew influence hardcore done very well.

I have to honestly say that this is probably the first band I’ve ever listened to whose origins hail from the Ukraine. Does it matter? Not really but I would like to know of other bands from over there. Especially if they’re as good as Clearsight. Lemme know guys!!!


Here are both of my copies. One is the green color variation and one is the test press. The green is still available although I don’t know how many were pressed. Get on it though as React! has been know to sell out of their stuff a lot.

The test press I got lucky as the label decided to sell these online one day. Of course I just had to have an impulse buy moment!!!

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