Down to RVA

Originally, I wasn’t going to post about the new Down to Nothing 7″ as I have nothing else to say that others in the blogger crew haven’t already said. What the hell though as I was actually really excited to get this 7″. Hey, it’s Virginia pride right. Anyways, I do really like this and I can’t wait to grab the lp when it comes out. Don’t they look amazing!

photo 1

Well Rev just had to do something just to get at my paycheck. In case you didn’t know Rev decided to release a mystery box set for $15 a pop. Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to order it. Unfortunately, I did not get a test press nor receive anything special like the Together 7″. I didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt. What the crap?

The one cool thing I did get was the red version of the Down to Nothing 7″. Awesome color but there were also several differences in the production. First of all, the front cover is totally different.

photo 2

Next, there is a totally different b-side to this. They numbered this 152.1 for this very reason I guess.

photo 3


Was is worth $15 just to get this? In the long run I would say yes due to the fact that this was supposedly the only way to get this release of 500. Right Revelation.

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3 Responses to Down to RVA

  1. mcs says:

    Is it a Quicksand cover on the flipside?

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