No Tolerance for Ignorance

Here’s one of those records that I used to always seek out but would never actually buy since I always thought that it was too expensive.  Eventually I took it off my want list as I thought that I would actually never find one for a decent price.  I probably stopped looking for this thing around ten to fifteen years ago when I actually started getting rid of records to pay for a house.

Now forward way in to the future…I actually found this on the bay when I was just browsing around and decided to finally take a stab at this.  As I didn’t want to get into a bidding war with any one I did what any decent human being would do.  I messaged the seller.

Dude was pretty awesome as he decided that he liked my offer enough to sell it to me at a really decent price. Fucking awesome!!!


So here it is a copy of the Brotherhood “Fuck Racism” on blue.  I’m pretty stoked that I finally have a copy of this.  While it stopped being on my want list, it was one of those records that I would never turn away if I had a chance to own one.  Now that I have this I might actually track down a red copy just so I can say I have a matching set.  The tattoo covers on the other hand…not even gonna try as I don’t really need to spend that kind of money.  (I say that now but what happens when the opportunity comes, right?)

Lastly, the seller and I exchanged a last-minute email and something funny came about. Apparently Ron Brotherhood emailed him asking why he took down the record from eBay. He was apparently bidding on this and was pissed that we had a private sale instead.

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6 Responses to No Tolerance for Ignorance

  1. Dustin says:

    I was wondering why the seller took this down too. I was gonna bid on it!

  2. partucci says:

    hi i have this with the normal cover on red vinyl great record

  3. Mike says:

    Ron Brotherhood commented on my red vinyl post just yesterday! Something is in the works.

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