I got some Headfirst!

When I found out that Indecision Records was releasing the Headfirst discography, I was all in.  I’m a huge fan and could not wait for this to come out.  Finally, I received my order yesterday and for me to say that it is incredible is just downplaying how excited I was to finally get this.

photo 1

photo 2

It came in a nice gatefold layout with lyrics on the inner cover as well as all the track info that you would need. It was definitely nice to see that there were unreleased tracks that came with this discography as well as their demos.  The scope of their work includes Intervention 7″ , The Enemy LP, Back in Control 7″ (which is probably the one most are familiar with), Tear Demo, Knock Your Block Off Demo, and Unreleased Workshed compilation tracks.  Damn that’s a  lot of songs.

photo 3

Finally, awesome looking clear red vinyl. I really like the way the red matches the rest of the album layout and is definitely a great choice in color.  Amazing addition to the collection and a great release from Indecision.

photo 4

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2 Responses to I got some Headfirst!

  1. Mike says:

    MIne arrived the other day. Looks amazing and I’m looking forward to checking out those unreleased and demo songs.

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