Afflictive Nature

Damn, it’s been pretty much a week since my last post but oh well I’m sure many of you are as busy as I am with life.  Anyway, got home today and I got a nice little package from Life to Live records.  It was my pre-order for the new Afflictive Nature record.  Pretty nice set if I do say so myself.  LTL records definitely out did themselves with this one.

I got pretty lazy with taking pictures of the individual records so this is what you get.  I’ve always really liked group shots like this.


First, there’s the test numbered 21 out of 25, then the mixed out of 225, blue out of 150 and this olive looking one (which I’m assuming is the limited one) out of 125.  What I really would have liked is for that yellow test press to have been the limited version.  What do you think?  Oh well what can you do? (edit:  limited one is actually the splatter color.  Dustin got me confirmation on that.  Thanks Dustin!)

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6 Responses to Afflictive Nature

  1. Dustin says:

    Good record. I only ordered one copy (listed as ?/125) and was sent the orange splatter one, so I’m not sure if that’s the most limited or if I was just sent the wrong color.

  2. 45spin says:

    Nothing better than colored vinyl

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