Just to bbb Clear

For some reason or another I thought I owned a particular record.  I was so sure that I owned said record that I passed it up on trades and/or buying it outright. Then when you’re about to blog about it…WHAM!!!  You just get slapped in the face and you feel stupid.

photo 1

As you can see I am totally missing the “clear” version of this damn fine record. For some reason I remember ordering it. Maybe its in a pile somewhere! Crap now I have to dig harder to grab a clear one.

Now the only reason I actually found out about the missing record was that I wanted to take pictures including these two lovelies that I recently procured.  First up is the 2012 This is Hardcore alternate cover that I spotted on Vinyl Noize.

photo 3

photo 4

Finally, we also have a copy of the test press. Not really much to look at as there is no special cover for it, but it’s still pretty sweet to have one of these. I believe there were 15 of these pressed.

photo 2
So to all you Triple B collectors out there if you got a Clear on clear that you don’t mind getting rid of, please lemme know cuz the family is missing it’s older brother.

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5 Responses to Just to bbb Clear

  1. Mike says:

    Damn, a Clear test. Nice score. I was watching it when it was up on ebay, but I just had too many irons in the fire, and couldn’t make a run at it at the time. Good to see it found a good home.

  2. mcs says:

    The only one I have is Clear on clear. Ha!

  3. I do this all the time. I keep an excel spreadsheet, but don’t update it nearly enough which can cause either lack of buying, or multiple copies

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