Blue Streets

Sometimes being patient is the key with looking for something that you really want.  I’ve been looking a blue copy of the Violent Reaction “City Streets” lp ever since Quality Control HQ released it.  It sold out pretty quickly since there were only 100 of the blue version pressed and if you were lucky enough to get one you pretty much did not want to let it go.  If you did want to let it go…Well let’s just say I got some pretty ridiculous demands to get one.

Months and months later…Marcus comes to the rescue!!!  I had something he wanted and he knew I wanted this.  Easy.  I love it when it happens like this.  So thanks Marcus, hopefully we can further help each other out in the future!!!


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5 Responses to Blue Streets

  1. Mike says:

    I just posted my copy of this record. You win this round, but mark my words, I’ll get you next time! ha!

  2. marcus says:

    I definitely owe you one, Chris. Thanks again for the trade!

  3. 45spin says:

    I never even knew a blue vinyl version was even available. Thanks for the post

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