Blue Schools

Why yes, it is another “blue” post. It’s kinda cool, kinda cheesy but it just happens that the records that I have purchased recently have all been blue.  I swear the blueness will all end soon.  Anyway…here is the repress of the first Rival Schools album, “United by fate.”

photo 2

I really liked this album for a really long time, but I just kinda forgot about it until pre-orders for this repress came along. This is probably the only Rival Schools release I really get jazzed for. I just couldn’t get into the other two as much as this one.  Maybe I’ll give the other two a listen again one day.  Who knows?

The only reason I probably am more stoked about this is because I saw these dudes at least ten times when this album came out.  Black Cat, Ottobar it didn’t really matter I just always saw them when they were in town.

photo 1

This is a really nice looking gatefold as well as double album. There are two versions of this available both limited to 500. This one is suppose to be the blue one. The other is a blue with white swirl.  This is definitely a nice looking set but man it was pretty steep at $30 a pop.

photo 3

This is still as good as I remember!!!

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One Response to Blue Schools

  1. 45spin says:

    Pretty soon you will be looking for Blue Thumb records 🙂

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