Subject to Change

Sorry for the lack of posts but November is just kicking my ass. My personal and professional life is just extremely busy which has left me little time to do some of the things I quite enjoy. Anyway, another reason I’ve been light on post this month is the number of records I seem to have purchased in November has slightly dwindled due to my focus on scratching things off my ever-growing list.

Well the past two weeks I pretty much lucked out on two of my wants. First, we have a blue copy of the Subject to Change. Yes it’s another blue record which I promise you is all purely coincidental.

photo 1

Next is the pink copy of Subject to Change. Weird that November got me some pretty awesome pink records!

photo 2

Both of these albums look pretty amazing in their own rights and am happy to finally own copies of this on color. I’ve always had this on black vinyl so grabbing these two was just a big present for me this year.

Now that I have both of these I guess I have to focus on grabbing a red which is probably going to be impossible. I don’t even want to think about what a clear one could cost me.

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