Modern life and Parklife

Even though I have been blogging mostly about hardcore I do listen to other stuff. I mean I am a pretty big Britpop junkie and that’s a pretty big range. Really too many bands to narrow to a singular style.

Blur is one such band that I could never get enough of. I do have copies of all their albums on vinyl but I never considered actively seeking out colored vinyl or rarer stuff as it does get really expensive.

Well, I lucked out last week and picked up two pieces of colored vinyl for a really ridiculously cheap price. I just couldn’t help myself and well you know it’s Blur…what other reason do I need.

First up is “Modern Life is Rubbish” which features one of my top ten favorite Blur songs, “For Tomorrow”.

photo 2

Next up is “Parklife” which is probably the most known Blur album. It’s definitely a record that I’ve listed to millions of times. I know I’ve listened to “Jubilee” several times in that past week alone and “End of a Century” is one of my top five favorite Blur songs.

photo 1

Two nice additions to the collection which will probably put me on the hunt for more colored Blur albums. Oh well, what can you do?

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