Et tu brute?

Is that another Rev re-press? Why yes it is! This one was a no brainer for me to get as I actually really liked this album. Definitely pretty catchy and a fun listen! I was pretty happy when Rev decided to re-press this as I never had this on vinyl. Bonus for me as this one came in a nice looking gold limited to 500.

photo 1

Coincidentally, I was actually also looking for a copy on blue. This album has slipped through my clutches several times and this year I needed to get one. Thankfully, I was contacted by someone saying that he put up a copy on ebay. I told him to pull it down as I said that I would just buy it straight from him. Thankfully, Todd agreed. Scratch another one of the list.

photo 2

Once again thank you Todd!!! I definitely owe you for this one.

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