A Storm in Heaven

I blame my man Todd for this one because I had never had any type of intention to even chase any of The Verve’s test presses. Apparently he needed some cash to purchase another record and decided that he needed to hit me up to see if wanted his copy of A Storm in Heaven.

I contemplated for a while if I wanted to make such a big purchase. On the other hand, when does such an opportunity present itself once again. So I kept thinking about whether I really needed to spend this kind of money during the middle of holiday season where I’m supposed to be purchasing for others.

Well as you can see I caved in to the fact that I wanted to have a copy of this. This might never happen again and it was too good of a deal to pass up.

So here we have it. The 1993 white label test press from Hut Recordings of The Verve’s “A Storm in Heaven.” There’s really not much to look at with this. Just a generic Hut Records cover and a black record. Not a lot of people would probably care about this but I love The Verve and if anyone was going to own this it might as well be me.


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