A little more Give

Collecting Give records can be a pain in the ass. One reason being there are so many damn variants floating around and no one really wants to get rid of ’em. So any chance I get to add a little something to my Give collection I am all over it.

One such addition is the Assault Records version of Singles Going Confetti.  This tour version I found on eBay for a pretty good price, especially since I was the only one to bid on it.  You gotta love when that happens.

photo 1

This variant cover is limited to 110 and in my opinion looks so much better than the regular cover.  I got number 62.

photo 2

So now the hunt continues for more Give.  I’m pretty patient so I know I’ll definitely land a few more variants floating around.

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2 Responses to A little more Give

  1. Mike says:

    I found this auction with only 3 minutes left to go, and was surprised it had zero bids. You got yourself a great deal!

  2. Wow that it sweet… good find! I gave up on Give record collecting a long time ago, it is quite the challenge indeed.

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