You’re only young once…

Yeah I decided to buy a Side by Side record but it’s not the one the you’re thinking about.  Well it probably is the one you’re thinking about but this one just happens to be one of those Lost and Found test presses.  Now, I know for a fact that I might never ever own a legit Rev test press.  I would probably need to be in the next tax bracket to be able to afford one of those.  This one was definitely cheaper.  Also, I just think it looks kinda cool.  Now I know there might be some out there that might look down on me for buying this, but come on it fills in that space I have for it on my shelf.


Anyway, this particular version is the first pressing on red vinyl and blank silver labels.  Apparently there were twenty of these suckers pressed and are now just starting to make their way onto the bay.  Not a bad score in my opinion.  There are definitely a bunch more Lost and Found tests that I’ve been seeing.  If the prices are right I might definitely be tempted to buy some more.

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One Response to You’re only young once…

  1. marcus says:

    I was expecting to the latest Rev reissue, so cool to see something different. Also, I have bid on two of these things in recent weeks and been outbid… probably by you. Ha!

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