Violence to Fade

I decided to pick this up from Life to Live records on the notion that they’ve been putting out some good stuff lately. While not my favorite release from LTL, musically it is pretty good.

photo 1

What sucks is I probably would have really liked this band if I didn’t know they had Cody from Caught in a Crowd playing guitar for them as well. While I don’t wish to create a comparison, it just can’t be helped.

photo 3

At least one thing is for certain, Life to Live is continuously trying to evolve it to a better label. The quality of the release itself is pretty top-notch! All the colors look pretty cool don’t they and that test press cover, killer!

photo 2

photo 4

Now here comes the money shot!

photo 5

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One Response to Violence to Fade

  1. Mike says:

    I got my preorder package from LTL and it only had one of the three records included. I contacted the label, and they said they would send the others right out, but damn, something goes wrong every time I order from them. As a side note, I saw Violence To Fade play a couple months ago, and they opened their set with the intro to the song Black Sabbath…it may have been the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a Hardcore band do.

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