Caught in a Fight

I know this came out last year and I should have posted it at the time I got it but decided not to do anything about it. Actually, I was waiting for a chance to somehow get a copy of the test press. Well, I never did hear any news of how I could possibly get one, but I did see a copy of the summer tour cover on eBay.


The one time I did see Caught in a Crowd over the summer these suckers were long sold out and I had lost hope of every getting one. Well, patience does pay off and I pounced on this thing when I saw it.  I was going to score this no matter what.


There were only 80 made so it was pretty hard to get one of these especially when I caught them at the tail end of their tour. Hopefully, I get to see them again as guys were pretty awesome live and I was kinda bummed that I missed out on them playing again recently.


This is definitely a nice looking piece of black vinyl and the tour stamp is a nice added touch.  Maybe Ev from React will be kind enough to sell a test press one day cause this group shot would look killer with it!


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