Save It

Digging in the used and clearance bins of record stores is always a fun adventure. There are days where all you find is shit and there are days where all you find are gems. I always make it a practice to at least look in those things and it’s not just because I’m hoping to find a gem in the middle of the muck. It’s mostly because I’m curious as to what people are getting rid of.

I mean why would any one want to get rid of this little gem. Makes you wonder, right?


It’s a pretty nice copy of Shades Apart “Save It” from Revelation. Hell, it still has the shrink wrap on it. Anyways, this also just happens to be the orange copy out of 309.


Scooped this thing up for fifteen bucks and walked away from the store quite happy. Time to get rid of the cd now that I have a proper vinyl copy again.

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