Winds of Change

Putting together a compilation record must be tough as shit.  I couldn’t even imagine what type of work you have to go through.  What kind of bands am I going to put on this thing?  How many bands will be featured?  Is it going to be a 12″ or a 7″?  Will it flow the right way?  How many songs will there be?  There are just too many damn questions for me to ask.


Now I don’t really buy compilations. There are obviously a few that are a must own but for the most part I never really dabble in purchasing them. Well React! records just release the Winds of Change compilation and being as their track record for releases have been really good lately I just decided to go for it.


The comp features six bands you might have heard of: Violence to Fade, Enough, Word on the Street, Safe and Sound, Tied Down and Wrong Idea. Now this is my first experience with a few of these bands so I was hoping to be blown away. For the most part I was impressed with the bands that were featured and the overall quality of the comp was really good. I’ve listened to it a few times already so I can definitely say that I like it.


Overall it was a great buy. Hell, even the layout was pretty rad with the foldout cover and the obi strip. This is still available through the React! store although I don’t know what colors are available. Go get it!


I wonder what it would take for React! Records to sponsor me?

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