Systems Overload

First of all, I’m not a huge Integrity collector. There are just too many variants and weird pressings to chase for anyone to be ever content with what they have. So I applaud (Marcus) all you Integrity collectors out there for your due diligence in chasing and digging for each and every piece of the Integrity puzzle.

That being said I, for some reason, just needed to get this pressing of Systems Overload. Actually, I really like this album and have kicked myself in the butt several times for not trying to at least grab different pressings of this.


These were part of A389 Holiday Integrity package. All were hand numbered out of 168. Pretty awesome that I actually now have a special edition of this album.


They also came in an awesome looking blood orange vinyl with the B and D sides nicely etched. Pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Hopefully this won’t start the craving for more Integrity records. I have enough on my want list.

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