Now, I’m not really into buying live recordings.  Granted there are a few that I’ve bought or inherited through the years but overall I don’t make it a habit of purchasing such things.  I mean if you wanna hear a band live why not go see them, right?

So I guess the only reason that I bought this Mindset album is because I just needed another one to throw into the pile.  For a live album, it does sound pretty good and I’m glad I finally pulled the trigger on this.


This came out a few years ago so I’m really behind on getting a copy of this. I am, however, glad that I held off long enough that I was able to score the clear gold copy out of 110 which was the rarest of the bunch. There were white and black copies as well which made up the rest of the 500 pieces.


As I skim through my records the only other live albums I see are random Avail and Champion releases and I know I bought those when they first came out. Maybe in another ten years or so I’ll take another plunge and buy another live album. Who knows?

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One Response to Liveset

  1. Mike says:

    One of my favorite live records. Mindset are so much fun to see live, and this recording captures that spirit perfectly.

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