The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say!

Until recently the only Vision album I really paid attention to was “In the Blink of an Eye.” It was the most well-known Vision full length and in my opinion their best. Well recently I decided why not just give the other ones a shot so I tracked down their 1998 release “The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say.”

I remember listening to this a long ass time ago and never really paying much attention to it. I guess I was just being snobby at that time in my life and decided that this was not worth listening to. I mean it does sound a lot different from their first album.  Now years and years later I find myself listening to this and really liking it(although I still like “In the Blink of an Eye” much better).


Thankfully no one has really paid attention to this record so I was able to get this really cheap.(Although, maybe you should pay attention to it!) Finding a red copy in itself was a bonus. There’s also a mint green copy floating around. Maybe I’ll grab that one too if it’s not that expensive!


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One Response to The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say!

  1. marcus says:

    I have this on clear. Got it when it came out.

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