Maryland Ice Cream

I guess I’m just in the mood to listen to the poppier side of things lately.  There is definitely nothing wrong with that especially if the music is really good.  Well, the new Diamond Youth 7″ “Shake” has been on repeat a lot lately and has been feeding my craving for the poppy stuff.


I also own the previous two releases and I can definitely say that with each release they are only getting better and better.


There are four different versions of this release: 150 in highlighter yellow, 250 Magenta, 500 ultra clear with Highlighter Yellow and Magenta splatter, 600 Half Highlighter Yellow / Half Magenta totaling a 1500 count first press.  Damn that’s a lot of colors.


And even though there are only four songs on the seven inch, Topshelf Records was gracious enough to give you six songs for the download. Pretty damn sweet if I do say so myself.


Now all I need to do is see these guys live again and I’ll be content. They were pretty amazing the last time I saw them.

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One Response to Maryland Ice Cream

  1. 45spin says:

    You must have the most beautiful collection of colored vinyl that I have ever saw. YOU ARE MY HERO

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