Looking Gray

I haven’t really purchased anything too impactful this month.  It’s been really tough saving up and wanting to buy records.   Man, there have been so many opportunities to get some cool stuff that I would cringe every time I decided I wouldn’t bid or buy.  Oh well what can you do?  I figure there are always going to be opportunities for me to catch up  and find these record again while I only have one chance to save up for a wedding.  I mean there have been a few purchases, but nothing out of  the “normal” range of records that are accessible.

Well, it was going really well until I decided to breakdown.  To me grabbing a copy of Looking Back on gray was a good reason to break out the wallet.  This record is a pain in the ass to track down for some reason.  I don’t know why.  It’s just one of those records that has never come up.  Now, I’ve come close many times but it was never guaranteed a sure thing.  So when this popped up on the bay with a buy it now for cheap, I just couldn’t help myself.


This copy is in amazing condition with the shrink-wrap and sticker still in place. Pretty sweet find and definitely worth the money I spent on it.  Now to search for the purple copy!

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