A Measure of Seaweed

Man, I feel that I just have so much to catch up on right now and my pile of records that I want to blog about are growing.  Anyway, I picked up a copy of Measure by Seaweed last week.  It was pretty good deal and I didn’t have it so I said why not.


It’s always good to add to the Seaweed collection and I find that most of the stuff out there is priced pretty well.  I’ve seen many copies of this under ten bucks so if you’re on the look out for it there are plenty of them out there.  This is also available on clear also in the pretty decent price range.  I’m probably going to track one of those eventually but right now I’m pretty happy with this orange copy.

Actually, I should probably just re-visit a bunch of Sub Pop bands that I’m into.  I figure not that many people are into this stuff right now and I’ve been on a Sub Pop kick lately so why not right.  I might be able to get away with getting stuff really cheap!

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