Radioactive Yellow

Damn, it took me forever to track down this Radioactivity record.  I guess I wasn’t the only one who missed out on grabbing this when it was first released.  Well lucky for me I was able to track one down as Dirtnap records sold out of the limited copy of this album on yellow.  I guess people have finally caught on to this band.


This was actually released last year with a first press of three hundred on yellow which has long been sold out, but you can still track down a black copy through several distros. I highly suggest you grab a copy. It’s that fucking good and I don’t think you’ll regret grabbing one.

Anyway, if you couldn’t tell I really dig this band.  Kinda obsessive now actually since I read somewhere that they had released some seven inches and I find the need to track those down.  The big problem with that is I don’t even remember where I read that news.  Damn.

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