Green Mind

As I’m writing this I actually had to start listening  to the album “Green Mind” by Dinosaur Jr. so I could be reminded why I bought this in the first place. Yup just as I remembered.  A pretty fucking rocking album.  

I didn’t really know much about this band in the 90s but my friend Steve would always play their stuff in his car. Eventually, I got used to listening to them and ended up really liking them that I ended up buying a lot of their stuff through the years.

I don’t actually know if they have had any bad releases as I equally enjoy all their album but in different phases.  Anyway,  you can call it cliché but my favorite song on this album is actually the single “The Wagon.”


Now, there really isn’t much to look at here as it’s just a nice piece of black vinyl that happens to be a test. I knew I had to get this when I saw that it was available as it’s just one of those things I knew that I had to have. One day I’ll probably end up making an actual cover for this (along with all my other test that didn’t come with covers). For now though I’m quite content with just having this in my possession.

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2 Responses to Green Mind

  1. marcus says:

    I was real stoked on getting one of these until I realised it was a test of a reissue.

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