Reason to Test

A couple of weeks ago I was doing my normal routine of looking through eBay, Discogs, and a whole bunch of other sites to see if anything caught my eye. There were definitely many possibilities that I saw but didn’t really want to commit to dishing out the cash. I was actually really happy because I thought I was going to be saving some money that week and not splurge on records like usual.

Well, something not only caught my eye but punched me in the face. I couldn’t believe it but a Test Press copy of “When Reason Sleeps Demons Dance” by Reason to Believe was available and no one was paying attention to it.
This was an amazing release by Nemesis Records waaaaaaaaay back in 1990. I was actually a freshman in high school when this was first released. Too bad, I never really got into them until probably my junior year of high school.


Weird as I definitely listened to similar stuff back then. Anyway, this is a truly amazing band that I have continued to listen to for the past twenty plus years, so for me to actually have a copy of this is truly amazing.

I wonder what it would take for Jon Bunch to tour and sing these songs again. As I never saw these songs performed live, I think it would be akin to a spiritual experience.

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2 Responses to Reason to Test

  1. marcus says:

    Great score Chris! I got one of these in 2012. I couldn’t believe my luck either. Mine has thick marker pen writing on the labels though and came in a regular LP sleeve. Not sure why they’re different, but that’s the fun of collecting I guess!

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