Still Holding On

Mail days are great days and it’s always great getting something new from Caught in a Crowd. I first heard of this band through reading Mario’s and Mike’s respective blogs as they wrote about the difficulties in grabbing the first seven-inch. I also saw them a few times last year and blogged about their previous releases.

Anyway,  I pre-ordered this a few months ago and it was well worth the wait as Powered Records did a pretty amazing job with this.  So, if you missed out on limited versions of their two previous releases (from React! Records and Camp records) this should satisfy your needs as this is a compilation of both records created for their European Tour.

photo 1

photo 2

There were two versions of this 12″ pressed. One is clear and limited to 100 which just happens to be the limited pre-order version and is now sold out. I just happen to grab number seventeen.

photo 3

The other version is a nice blue which is limited to 300 copies. I believe that this is still available through the Powered Records store. If you want this you better hurry as I’m sure this will sell out.

photo 4

Overall, it’s another nice addition to my Caught in a Crowd collection as I do love this band. The album even came a pretty nice poster insert with the lyrics on the reverse side.

Now I’m looking forward to the next Powered Records release.

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One Response to Still Holding On

  1. outofstepsince81 says:

    Great! I did see the blue copies a few weeks ago. Can’t wait for my pre-order to show up.

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