Some Sweet Apples

Man, the past couple of week my musical tastes have just been all over the place. I’ve just been listening to and buying the most random stuff. I guess it’s whatever suits me that day. I can’t even be content with the stuff that’s on my iPhone. I have to replace it every few days just to keep what I am listening to fresh. There’s just so much awesome stuff out there right now and I don’t want to miss any of it.

Just last week I picked up some LPs by Sweet Apple. I didn’t really know too much about them other than it was J Mascis’ (Dinosaur Jr.) side project with members of Witch and Cobra Verde. I figure it was worth the risk since I do love me some Dinosaur Jr. It couldn’t hurt, right?

First up is their latest album, “The Golden Age of Glitter.” This is a pretty rockin’ album featuring guest appearances by Mark Lanegan and Robert Pollard. Just hearing the songs that featured those two gents was worth the risk of buying this. It also came out in a nice blue piece of vinyl.

photo 1

I got this directly from the Tee Pee Records store since I read that there was a bundle deal going on with this and their first release so of course I had to choose to grab that one as well.

photo 2

“Love and Desperation” was actually released in 2010. Where the hell have I been, huh? Anyway, this is album is just as rocking’ as the other album. I think I listened to both these albums at least three times each when I first got them. As you see this also comes in a nice green color that matches perfectly with the cover.

I guess I got lucky with this gamble. Hopefully my future explorations will turn out as good as this.

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